Eating Out in Greece

I have just returned home after spending a week on holiday in Crete where I had an amazing time. It was a self catering holiday which meant I enjoyed eating out in Greece everyday. I did originally plan on documenting everything I ate whilst there but unfortunately this didn’t happen! I went to some amazing restaurants and cafes whilst there and sometimes I was too desperate to dig in before I actually had chance to photograph my food/drinks.

The hotel that we stayed at even cooked a homemade BBQ one night and it was honestly some of the best food I had whilst there! I wish I could have shown you all the food I ate but sometimes it was nice to take a break from my phone and just enjoy being on holiday and eating out. I hope you still enjoy this post and the few photos that I did manage to take!


It was very hot in Greece which meant I wasn’t always in the mood for a big breakfast, I often just opted for ice cream! We did visit a cafe by the sea one morning though and I ordered a waffle with nutella, strawberries and banana. It was absolutely huge and although it was delicious, I just couldn’t finish it because it was so filling!


 I also enjoyed frozen yoghurt whilst on holiday and went to a shop called Chillbox where you choose your flavour of frozen yoghurt and then add your toppings. I went for strawberry frozen yoghurt and topped it with sprinkles, crushed almonds,  strawberries and strawberry sauce.


I have recently become a fan of iced coffee, so I was happy to see that it seems to be a big thing in Crete! Everyone seemed to be sipping on iced coffee wherever I went. I enjoyed mine on a hot day on the beach.


We stayed in a lovely hotel that had small individual villas. As well as providing us with a free BBQ, there was also a bar within the hotel where you could order drinks and homemade food. My boyfriend had a homemade beef burger with cheese and caramelised onions and I went for a homemade veggie burger which tasted great!


We found a bakery that sold sandwiches, pastries and ice cream and not only was the food nice, but it was also pretty cheap. A triple scoop of ice cream only costed €1.40 which is a lot cheaper than it is here in England.


We visited the bakery a lot whilst on holiday, mainly for the cheap ice cream but also because they did an amazing pot of banoffee and huge cupcakes.

I obviously couldn’t go to Greece without trying a kebab so I tried Pork Gyros. I’m not normally keen on pork but the kebab was very tasty and it also came with chips. It was also very inexpensive.


We made the most of our last night on holiday and went for a nice meal before going out for cocktails by the beach. I went for a Watermelon cocktail at one of our favourite places and it was a great way to end our holiday.


Thanks for reading!

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